SNOW.. but what about it?

As I yawn while I type these letters, slowy, something glistens in the corner of my eyes… SNOW!!! But, why, WHY, am I excited about snow? As I think up questions like, ‘What is the reason to shovel? The ground’ll be covered the second you are done!’ And then, a little poem came to my mind….


  Shining in the light

Nothing so soft and cold

Only stays for a little bit

Winter, this is what makes it awesome


Are those deer tracks?

"Snow Bucket" & "Snow Pot"

SO MUCH SNOW!!!! But... I'd like.. maybe.. 5 more inches... 🙂



5 responses to “SNOW.. but what about it?

  1. Your poem is awesome! Great imagery!

  2. I loved your poem Diamond! Great job!

  3. I’m sorry that I can’t quite see the deer tracks in the glittering, white snow. But, the poem was AWESOME!

  4. Great poem! Thanks, Diamond!

    I am really curious about that “deer tracks” …. what do you think they are? I don’t think there would be deer in your back yard. I hope not, otherwise it would be kind of scary ….

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