Daily Archives: January 10, 2011


Sledding is fun!

I will tell you about my sledding experience. Here’s how it went:

Today it snowed so much that I could go sledding with Emerald, his little sister, Blue Spinel, and her little sister, and my brother.  I had really hoped for this because yesterday, we didn’t sled very well. When I got to the hill we sled on,  I saw tons of snow. Perfect, I thought, Just right for sledding and having lots of fun with snow. Then, we started sledding. A few minutes later, a couple of my friends joined us. One of them brought a couple of the sleds with the slick underside and she let me borrow one. The handle was broken but I just wanted to sled. I grabbed the handles and ran, and landed on my stomach on the sled. It was bumpy but fun. At the end of the ride, the snow drifts got higher and the sled, along with me, nearly got buried in the snow. Two more of my friends joined us and one of them had this weird scooter-like snowboard thingy she was carrying. I tried it and fell down after going on a ramp made by Emerald. It was fun on the snowboard scooter thingy. I think I did pretty well for my first shot on it though because my friend said most people wipeout really quickly on thier first try. After a while, I wiped out on purpose and layed down staring at the sky. And guess what I saw? Snowflakes materializing out of midair floating down towards me. Most of them seemed about to land on my face but only a few did. I tried to guess which ones would fall on my face. Later my friends left. I kept on sledding. One time, I ran over Emerald’s arm! By accident of course. It wasn’t really my fault though,because Emerald was lying there and wouldn’t move and besides, he didn’t care that I ran over his arm. A little time later we made a ramp out of wood and it worked! On my last time going down the hill, I finally got on the ramp because other times, I kept missing.  Nobody wanted to go home because we had such an AWESOME time, but my mom made us. Blue Spinel and I dragged the sled home and drank hot hot chocolate. I was not cold anymore but way too hot.

My hot chocolate!!!

In January, do you fix a cup of hot chocolate for yourself? I do. I like Harry London peppermint hot chocolate with with mountains of whip cream and marshmallows…..

Before the marshmallows melt, they carefully swim in the thick whip cream. Finally, I let my dad try some, and he always ends up draining the cup!

What is your hot chocolate like???? 


Gingerbread marshmallows climbing on a mountain of whip cream

YUMMY YUM YUM!!!!! 🙂 😀 😛 :X

SNOW.. but what about it?

As I yawn while I type these letters, slowy, something glistens in the corner of my eyes… SNOW!!! But, why, WHY, am I excited about snow? As I think up questions like, ‘What is the reason to shovel? The ground’ll be covered the second you are done!’ And then, a little poem came to my mind….


  Shining in the light

Nothing so soft and cold

Only stays for a little bit

Winter, this is what makes it awesome


Are those deer tracks?

"Snow Bucket" & "Snow Pot"

SO MUCH SNOW!!!! But... I'd like.. maybe.. 5 more inches... 🙂