Daily Archives: January 9, 2011

A Silver White Morning ….

To my pleasant surprise, I woke up this morning and saw a silver white world!

It snowed!

Immediately, I felt cold. So I tucked myself deeper under the warm cover. Then I wanted to see the snow again. I looked through the window. Yes, it really snowed. It snowed enough that the tree branches are half white now, the ground is white, the neighbor’s rooftops are white. My lawn is also white … NO… there is something that is orange color in my front lawn!  It is NOT white!


What could be that orange thing? 

I used my camera to zoom it up closer …..

I see that the orange thing is the Sunday paper wrapped in the orange plastic bag!

The KC Star people are so clever to wrap the paper in such a bright color so we couldn’t miss it. But how I wish it was something else … something surprising … something wonderful …

What if the orange thing was a little puppy? Shivering in the snow, waiting to be found?

What if the orange thing was a surprising birthday present?

What if the orange thing was a Christmas gift that Santa had forgotten to give on the Christmas eve night?


What would be your story?