Happy Birthday Crystal!!!!!

Stupefy, Crucio, Expelliarmus,

Crystal’s so awesome she’s making Harry Potter jealous!


Happy 10th Birthday, Crystal! You taught me how to make this.

8 responses to “Happy Birthday Crystal!!!!!

  1. COOL! card. How do you make such a beutiful thing?

  2. Happy B-day Crystal! I loved your party! I hope you like your gift!

  3. Here is the link to the video how to make popup flower

  4. Impedimenta!Obliviate!Expecto Patronum!

    I hope you had a good time at my party.

  5. Happy Birthday, Crystal! Welcome to the world of double-digit people!
    Do you realize that most of us will remain double-digit through out our entire life?

  6. Diamond,
    You are so quick to post. We can hardly keep up with you! I like your 3D flower card, the picture was well taken. Thanks the photographer behind the scene. I took a picture too but it did not turn out as well as yours.
    Please let us know how you find time to post and finish all the other stuff you have to do.

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