Play Fun Games – Please Post Your Scores! (Note: Right Click on the link and Open it in a new window, so you don’t leave your blog site.)

Username: shinygemskc

Password: overlandpark2011

When you are done playing, please post the name of the game you played and your score.  Let us see who gets the highest score by game!

This free account includes a premium trial that ends on Jan. 12, 2011. So don’t miss the “premium” games. 

Let Us Play, Let Us Play ….

20 responses to “Play Fun Games – Please Post Your Scores!

  1. Raindrops
    Equations per Minute – 36
    Total Equations Solved – 114
    Overall – 97%
    Under Pressure – 86%
    7148 points

    Penguin Pursuit – 1700

  2. Speed Match – 2030
    Brain Shift – 2675
    Lost in Migration – 1750
    Memory Matrix – 1745
    Chalkboard Challenge – 7300
    Eagle Eye – 4144 You won’t see this score on the personal best because the screen went all blank a second afterward.

  3. What the *BEEP* (pardon my language) is this weird game anyway.

  4. Route to sprout:
    Eagle Eye:
    Familiar Face:s

  5. Lost im Migration – 1450

  6. Speed Match – 700 Still working on it!

  7. Raindrops
    Equations/Minute – 37
    Total Solved – 101
    Overall – 97%
    Under Pressure – 86%

    5693 points

  8. Word Bubbles – 840

  9. This is so much fun!
    speed match 1130
    memory matrix: 1435
    I’m sure the kids will beat me. Thanks, Park Ranger!

    • I am glad you like it. The “Raindrops” gaim is actually very fun and challenging at the end. I once got to over 10k. You need to use a keyboard with the number pad on the side to be as fast as you can.

      • Just played the “Raindrops” game after haven’t played for a long time. Here are my results:

        Equations Per Minutes: 39
        Total Equations Solved: 109
        Overall: 94%
        Under Pressure: 69% 😦
        6139 points! 😦 😦

        I will improve greatly!

    • I got 700.

  10. I played “Task Switching” game “Disconnection”. My score was 1452 and I had 24 Errors 🙂

  11. I just did ‘Playing Koi’.
    My best scores were:

    Now I will try other games.

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