MMXI – My New Year Resolutions


2. Think Before Talk

3. Be Positive and Supportive

I publish my New Year resolutions because I want everyone to monitor me and hold me responsible for my promises and to help me achieve my goals.

2 responses to “MMXI – My New Year Resolutions

  1. Updates on my goals for the first quarter of the year –
    1. I remind myself of this goal all the time. But sometimes I still drag to the last second and become late. I think I should tell myself to be ahead of the required start time for at least 5 minutes.
    2. This one is quite hard for me given that usually I react too quickly. But I have not forgotten. I need to work on this more.
    3. This one is also hard for me. Good thing that my kids remind me sometimes.

    I am still working on them.

  2. Park Ranger, I have not got my new year resolution yet. How can I check yours while thinking mine???

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