my presents

The wii game is Lego Harry Potter-you just go through Harry’s first 4 years at Hogwarts-and the D.S. game is Pokemon HeartGold which comes with a Pokewalker. All you do on the Pokewalker is get enough watts to unlock new routes. On HeartGold, you just beat the gym leaders and fill up the Pokedex. Emerald and his sister gave me a Minty Moose Webkinz and the book The Middle Moffat. I really like all of my presents this year.

2 responses to “my presents

  1. That’s really cool! Is it fun? (:

  2. All the authors (including you Crystal) keep writing about the presents they got. Just wanna tell you this I’m tired of everybody posting about presents it’s kinda getting annoying. <:-)

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