Register and Become an Author of the Blog

How to Register to the Shinygemskc blog:

 Step 1:  Click on the link,  Scroll down to the section of Log In / Log Out, click on “Register”

Step 2:  “On the “Get your own account in second” page, click on the blue text “Sign up for just a username”.  (Note: this option does not require you to register your own blog.)

Step 3: Enter your username, password, and email address. Then press “Sign up”.  See screen shot below.   After you registered, you need to log into the email account you used to activate your account.


Step 4: Send an email to, request Park Ranger to add you as an Author of the blog. Be sure to tell the Park Ranger the email address you used when you registered.

 Step 5: After Park Ranger adds you as an author, you will be able to use your username and password to log in to the shinygems blog and start posting your own writing.  At the same time of your posting, you become a published author too! Congratulations!

Step 6: Choose a screen name (Displayed) for yourself.  (Profile Settings)

If you are part of the original Shiny Gems Math Club, please use your gem stone name.

If you are a child but not part of the original Shiny Gems Math Club, please choose a Chemical Element Name from the periodical table (化学元素名字).  Be unique & cool, don’t use the same name that other people already use.

If you are a parent, choose a tree name. 

Step 7: Attach an image to your profile that signifies your screen name, if possible.

Don’t forget to log out after you are done posting!

P.S.: take some time and set up your personal profile settings.

2 responses to “Register and Become an Author of the Blog

  1. Rainbow Moonstone

    They won’t let me use my gemstone so can I use an element?

  2. Thanks Park Ranger for the detailed instruction.

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