Candlelight Dinner

Unidentifiable edible things.

5 responses to “Candlelight Dinner

  1. It was just a smidge fun with all the lights off and having candles for lights instead of electricity.

  2. Yesterday (12/29), Crystal, Emerald and Diamond had an unforgetable dinner with Diamond’s family – a Candlelight dinner! There were only candlelights lit in the entire house. The atompshere was quite special …. The children later put food above the candle light to “fry” it a little bit, or to see it clearly what they were eating …. To better identifying the beef slices, Diamond couldn’t help but turned on the electric lights which released everyone back into the familiar dinner lighting surroundings. It was fun ….

  3. U:unimaginable

  4. not fun at all. too dark. unidentified things.BLAH BLAH BLAH! 😦

  5. Yeah. its OK.
    U:unoptical(blinding(too dark)

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